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Shooshtari - A.Mohammad        A.Hasan Ahmadi     A.Hosein Shafi-Zadeh

A.Mohammad Shooshtari       A.Hasan Ahmadi             A.Hosein Shafi-Zadeh 



Hashem-poor pooria              Danial Atyar

pooria Hashem-poor                            Danial Atyar


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KinderGarten for childrenChildren’s Division

This section is one of the school’s most treasured programs that distinguishes us apart from all other institutes specialized in these departments. Being the most spacious classroom in the building, we have equipped its great volume potential with latest entertainment technologies such as “eBlocks” and Data Projectors.

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Advanced Classes

The second floor of the building is dedicated to students enrolling in Beginners, Intermediate, Post-Intermediate and Advanced classes. Each classroom is furnished with secure entrance technology, Data Projectors, “Smart Board” touchscreen panels and security cameras in public hallways. The automatic passage technology makes attendance keeping easier to track for parents and teachers.

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To further improve our learning atmosphere, the laboratory unit is provided to present students with the opportunity to experience a more secure and professional practice in their education. This division is used for many electronic purposes such as registration, placement testing, students’ educational services and more.

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About Us

about us

All of SETAK’s committed staff and I make our best effort to create a healthy, friendly and expertized learning environment for students.

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